Active packaging technologies with an emphasis

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Packaging Market Insights

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Active Packaging Technologies with an Emphasis on Antimicrobial Packaging and Its Applications

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Antimicrobial food packaging: potential and pitfalls

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The Renaissance Venture Capital Fund was formed with the philosophy that venture capital is important for economic growth and that Michigan and many other major regions are underserved in the amount of venture capital available to fund exciting new ideas and technologies.

Success is often built by a combination of innovation, capital and strong working relationships. In today's world of global markets and stiff competition in every product along with increasing consumer demand, it becomes imperative for companies to explore ways to improve their productivity in terms of maintaining safety, using sustainable packaging materials, implementing flexible and standardized technology, and adopting proven management principles.

Micro- and Opto-Electronic Materials and Structures: Physics, Mechanics, Design, Reliability, Packaging is the first comprehensive reference to collect and present the most, up-to-date, in-depth, practical and easy-to-use information on the physics, mechanics, reliability and packaging of micro- and opto-electronic materials, assemblies, structures and systems.

Multisorb Technologies Multisorb Technologies has been an innovator in sorbent technology for over 50 years.

Information and communication technologies for development

Founded in by John S. Cullen to protect products against the damaging effects of moisture, today Multisorb is the world leader in the development and production of active packaging components.

This Scientific Status Summary provides an overview of the latest innovations in food packaging. The use of food packaging is a socioeconomic indicator of increased spending ability of the population or the gross domestic product as well as regional (rural as opposed to urban) food availability.

The State of Food and Agriculture presents the opportunities and challenges of migration and its links to agriculture and rural development.

Active packaging technologies with an emphasis
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SOFA - The State of Food and Agriculture - Migration, Agriculture and Rural Development