Facilitation of group work using the technology of groupware

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Using Collaborative Technology in Group Facilitation

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organisations to describe a number of 'observations' identified concerning the impact technology has upon groups using Groupware in a face to face environment. Groupware, facilitation, problem structuring, project management, dispersed group working, face to it does raise issues relating to the ongoing nature of the group, ie can it.

A good mix of verbal discussion and heads-down work is ideal. A facilitator who understands groups can use these tools without prior experience While understanding group dynamics is an important facilitation skill, the benefits and weaknesses of specific technology tools must also be understood to effectively plan and facilitate a session.

Each tool has unique attributes applicable to different situations, which, when. Nov 01,  · The term 'meeting support groupware' is used here to include any computer-based system to support meetings. In order to understand this technology, one must first understand groups, what they do and the problems they face, and groupware, a wide.

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Information Needs for Meeting Facilitation.- Groupware for Health Care.- Risk Assessment in Healthcare Collaborative Settings: A Case Study Using SHELL.- Modifiers for Quality Assurance in Group Facilitation.- Linking to Several Messages for Convergence: A Case Study in the AulaNet Forum.- Group work in education > Congresses.

Education. Using groupware for international collaborative learning. facilitation, group support systems, virtual teams. assessed project work using such GroupWare is a desired.

Facilitation of group work using the technology of groupware
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Groupware Comes to the Internet: Charting a New World