Hrm in garment industry

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The cop is taking a lot of pupils to upgrade the garment crisis in India. More than five essentials 9. Manufacturing Solutions for Jewellery built on Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics In today’s demand-driven environment, manufacturers face different challenges, such as accelerated supply chain, omni-channel marketing and globalized competition, to deliver high-quality products at the right time, to the right place.

INDIAN GARMENT EXPORT INDUSTRY: India is a major exporter of garments, fabrics and accessories for the global fashion industry.

Indian ethnic designs and materials are an important factor in the plans of fashion houses and garment manufacturers all over the world. Bhaskar Denim India one of the best denim fabric manufacturers and suppliers India, We are vertically integrated textile with Spinning, Dyeing, Weaving & Finishing under one.

Globalsys Global Positioning Container Tracking offering real time visibility anywhere on earth which significantly reduce operation costs. Containers in the remote places of the worlds oceans can be tracked in real time along with critical container data such as temperature and tamper reports.

In House Progeammes will be conducted on Following Areas in English, Sinhala/with Tamil translation & Bilingual (English/Sinhala). Programme Duration is from ½ Day to 2 Days and charges are from Rs. 18, upwards. Business Management Solutions Delivered by Tectura.

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Tectura integrates software, business consulting and IT services into business management solutions helping companies transform into high-performance businesses that can meet and exceed their unique business goals and objectives.

Hrm in garment industry
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