Islam in central asia jadidism

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Jadidism in Central Asia: Origins, Development, and Fate Under the Soviets

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In the part of today's Central Asia that was known administratively as Turkestan under the Russian tsars, Jadidism briefly became one of the most remarkable currents of thought in a wide-ranging debate over culture and society among the region's Muslims.’’(Kimmage D., p.1).

Central Asia ADEEB KHALID Muslim modernism in Central Asia at the turn of the twentieth century remains virtually unknown to schol-ars of Muslim cultural history. What little we know comes through a thick prism of nationalist or Soviet his-toriography that loses the Islamic dimension of the movement.

Role of Jadidism in Central Asia. While the Russians had seen Islam as ‘oneness’ of Central Asians. an appeal to Islam became the source of new elite’s authority. TWG was one of the first Turkic language periodical in the Russian Empire and had very ambivalent role. p Ibn Muslim. Central Asia ADEEB KHALID Asia: Islam and Modernity in the Russian Empire Jadidism arose in Central Asia in the s, a generation after the Russian conquest.

Its pro-ponents, the Jadids, formulated a harsh cri-tique of their society based on a fascination with modernity. Though Jadid schools, especially in Central Asia, retained a religious focus, they taught "Islamic history and methods of thought" rather than just memorization. Unlike their traditional predecessors, Jadid schools did not allow corporal punishment.

"Jadid" is the Arabic word for "new," but Jadidism was a drive for cultural and social renewal among Muslims in the Russian Empire in the early 20th century.

Islam in central asia jadidism
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