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This case concerns an entrepreneur's attempt to raise a first round of venture capital. The founder's valuation and the venture fund's valuation differ by a lar. The MinderSoft case explores the entrepreneur's attempt to raise a first round of venture capital.

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The founder and venture fund's valuation differ by a large amount. The founder must decide whether to accept this offer or search further. The case is designed to help students compare frequently used valuation frameworks including the venture capital method and discounted case flow methods.

Entertainmentminder is a Trademark by Mindersoft, Inc., the address on file for this trademark is Colonial Drive, Ellicott City, MD MinderSoft Inc.

Case Solution, The small soft case examines the entrepreneur trying to raise a first round of venture capital. The founder and venture fund valuation methods differ by a. It is also agreed that the Consulting Agreement (between MinderSoft and Lordhill Company) shall be considered the equivalent to a Work Agreement between MinderSoft, Inc.

and Hugh C. Ronalds (Lordhill Company's President) for the purposes of the Stock Restriction Agreement between MinderSoft, Inc. and Hugh C. Ronalds dated November 24, MinderSoft provided access to the thousands of users who signed up for other sponsors, and (3) the relationship with the sponsor was complicated and required a great deal of coordination with the sponsor’s vendors and the sponsor’s product promotions.

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