Technology vs the human brain

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The Mind vs. Brain Debate (What is Consciousness?)

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Difference Between Mind and Brain

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· A new book claims the amount of time we spend on the internet is changing the very structure of our brains – damaging our ability to think and to learn.

Is the human brain still evolving?

John Harris examines the The International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction mainly embarks from the interdisciplinary perspective of the needs and characteristics of individuals, groups, and virtual organizations and explores how these are met via the development of innovative interactive computer-based systems.

However, one of the most important  · For decades computer scientists have strived to build machines that can calculate faster than the human brain and store more information.

The contraptions have I am not only fascinated by the differences of the computer vs human brain, by more so by the potential interaction of the two.

I am a fan of non-invasive interaction and it looks like most people are like me: many are not so keen about the development of cyborg technology [1] /big-data-computer-vs-human-brain. · Futurist Gerd Leonhard's latest book "Technology Vs.

Humanity" paints a potentially grim future for every person on the planet. What should businesses  · In the last decade though in this race between the human brain capacity vs computers the latter was able to mark a win.

The world’s most powerful supercomputer, the K from Fujitsu, computes four times faster and holds 10 times as much data as the human

Technology vs the human brain
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